Command Messages

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor, Member.

Note: If you receive a text message from your team account and want to reply, simply reply as normal.

To text in a command, you must always include the letter D (or d, case doesn't matter!) at the start of the command.
If you are currently on-call but need to change your status to off-call, you can text in to your team account and it will update your status. The format of the message depends on whether you are marking yourself as off-call for minutes, hours, days or weeks. If you are marking yourself as:

off-call for 40 minutes → D OFF 40M
off-call for 3 hours → D OFF 3H
off-call for 6 days → D OFF 6D
off-call for 2 weeks → D OFF 2W

If you are currently marked as off-call but are now available, mark your self as on-call by sending D ON

The following commands apply only to those who have Member+ with SMS permissions, Editors and Owners.

If you need to check your response team’s status → D STATUS
(total persons on-call and any active alerts)

It is possible to just send text messages to only the operational members. For example, if you want to let your team know about an upcoming training session but don’t need to inform any of the non-operational members → D TO OP your message here

As well as this, you can send messages just to the operational members who are on-call. This can be useful in situations such as if you have been tasked to an incident and need to get critical information to the team members who are responding → D TO ON your message here

If you need to send a text message to all team members whether they are operational or non-operational → D TO ALL your message here

If you want to send a text message to a particular group, you firstly need to ensure that the group has a Communications shortcode set for them (Groups -> Update Details). For example, you may have set the shortcode for your member group of Cardiac Responders as CPR. if you are sending a message to the members of your team who are part of the Cardiac Responders group → D TO CPR Is anyone available to go to Sector A now?

Quick Guide

  • D TO ALL → Send a text message to all team members
  • D STATUS → Check your team’s status and any alerts
  • D OFF → Marking yourself as off-call
  • D TO ON → Send a text message to all on-call team members
  • D TO OP → Send a text message to all operational team members
  • D TO GROUP_SMSCODE → Send a message to a group, using their shortcode

Note: New vs Old. We have introduced a new Communications module, which allows your response team’s messaging to be managed with ease. If you used our old SMS module, it is important to note that you no longer need to use your pin with the new Communications module.