9th March 2015

  • Setting: New setting to prevent communications module access to member permission level
  • Communications: Allow owners to send messages to users with private details through communications module
  • Communications: Force bcc on if a single recipient has email address set to private
  • API: Added team currency to /team_details
  • API: Added item count and count overdue to /inspections endpoint
  • API: Added include_current and include_other filters to equipment /contents
  • API: Fixed ordering on the /inspections/{inspection_id}/equipment endpoint
  • API: Date completed parameter add to update inspection item endpoint
  • Fix: Don't show qualification card when hide_qualifications setting is enabled
  • Fix: Race condition allowing the creation of multiple activities with same reference ID
  • Fix: Unhandled error when not able to find a document
  • Fix: Unhandled error when updating profile pictures
  • Fix: Error on getting team currency when viewing roles


15th March 2015


  • Communications: Twilio voice calls will save to voicemail if unanswered
  • Fix: Table sortingby date on qualifications view by members
  • Fix: Changing an equipment models name looses its profile picture
  • Fix: Use distinct attendee counts for activity attendance groups

30th March 2015

  • Reports: Added ability to have totals in the organisation custom report generator
  • Incidents: Costings information only visible to member+
  • API: Descriptions should allow empty string in repair endpoints
  • API: Show repair cost when null or €0.00