4th May 2015

  • API: Locations endpoint only returns active locations now
  • Reports: Next due with inverted colour added to inspection PDF
  • Equipment: Value label configurable in equipment
  • Search: Search can now be configured to only display content from certain modules
  • Equipment: Bulk move tool now shows Location when filtering
  • Equipment: Bulk move tool now has nested items ordered A-Z
  • Equipment: Bulk move tool has buttons to move items as well as drag and drop to make it more mobile friendly
  • Equipment: Bulk move tool children go grey to signal they are part of a move if their parent has been selected
  • Equipment: PDF Inspection Certificate report added, making it possible to print a single PDF displaying lastest result of every inspection for an item and all it's contents

26th May 2015

  • On-Call: Add repeat every x-days to add off-call feature
  • Equipment: Added barcode field to equipment page
  • Equipment: Added inspections by item page
  • Fix: CSVs with unicode characters should now display correctly in Excel on Windows