4th April 2016

  • Operations → Incidents:
    Team managers and organisations can now be informed if the time to intervention exceeds a specified limit.

7th April 2016

  • Translations:
    Icelandic is now available to eligible teams and organisations.

20th April 2016

  • General: 
    Changed language priority. ResponderID language has the highest priority, followed by user then team settings. When not yet logged on a team's login page, dropdown shows the team's language by default.
  • Intelligence → Reports  Custom Reports:
    Removed "Custom Report" from custom the report title. The title is now only what is set by the user.

21st April 2016

  • Settings Member Statuses:
    Added ability to set the order of custom statuses

22nd April

  • Equipment Categories: 
    Categories, Kinds, and Items tables now have a quick Find/Filter search box at the top of them.