31st August 2015

  • API: Getting a 500 when completing an inspection
  • iCal: Fixed an issue where iCal request were not returning and blocking further requests
  • Equipment: Update the personnel equipment items view to use new tables view
  • Equipment: Update the equipment profile page contents section to use the new tables view
  • Equipment: Fix update location name not functioning
  • Members: fix bug setting time / date of weekly briefing times incorrectly
  • Audit: Update Audit logs to include member name and equipment ref's for deleting an equipment item
  • Mobile: Change repair count to only count Non-started and In-progress repairs on equipment profile page
  • Activities: Fixed an issue where we were attempting to translate description content in activities
  • Qualifications: Added ability to add a qualification by expiration date
  • Mobile: Added Inspection Steps to inspection view page
  • Mobile: Improved appearance of the new Text area custom field appearance
  • Mobile: Fixed duration must be an integer error when adding piece of equipment to an incident

24th August 2015

  • Added more translations and translation options
  • New email template design for internal mails, with added link to D4H login
  • Delete links not displaying bug fixed
  • Allow D4H admins to be able to remove access for themselves to a team account
  • Fixed translation issue from preventing emailers to run
  • Add fields to member API calls

17th August 2015

  • Translate dates and times for server rendered pages
  • fixed translation error in chat poller
  • Added address to the member API calls
  • Fix link in Communications inbox to point to new Teamwork support center docs
  • Show shared notes for when viewing a resource
  • Added barcode the the equipment CSV export
  • Added language not enabled dialog with upgrade instructions
  • Added link in email addendum to login to D4H
  • Add a Total Hours of Equipment Usage to the API
  • Fix no member ID specified error from throwing in course card PDF report
10th August 2015

  • Mobile: v1.4.1 version released with fixes for special character support in ref search.
  • fixed undefined variable cluttering logs
  • Rearrange Tags/Bundles and Resources in quarterly and yearly PDF reports to be more readable.
  • Added a new 'textarea' custom field type
  • Added dev mode tools for working with translations
4th August 2015

  • Created tools for working with translations
  • Hours not totalling properly in spreadsheet summary reports fixed.
  • Auto-detect country for go login
  • Put full equipment hierarchy on the inspection package PDF
  • Multiple entries for one person in attendance doesn't calculate hours properly in the csv output bug fixed
  • In documents view: Separate System folders from customer folders into two separate tables