v8.3.0 (13th June 2016)

  • Resources reports
    • Intelligence Reports: Authorized users can now create custom reports for resources, including their export to CSV and PDF files.
    • Intelligence Resources → View: Resource pages have been overhauled to better display information, including on planned, ongoing and past activities. It lists members, other resources and tags commonly used with this resource.
    • Intelligence Resources → View → Show All: A new page displays all activities a resource has been involved in, with sortable table and graph view. It can be filtered by date and tags.
  • Equipment locations
    • Logistics Equipment → Locations: Locations can now be grouped in bundles.
    • Logistics Equipment → Locations: Locations are now displayed in a list view, grouped by their bundles when applicable. Each bundles' locations can be sorted by contents, location name or operational status.
    • Logistics Equipment: Users can now set a default location in their personal settings (⚙   Extras) to use thorough the Equipment module.
    • Logistics Equipment: Users's selected location will now persist when browsing different sections of the Equipment module. The "last selected" for the duration of the active session.
      These include the Inspections, Supplies and Repairs listings.
  • Search:
    • Gear models are now indexed and available in the search.
  • General Interface
    • All time fields have been enhanced to make it easier to type quickly using only the keyboard. They also work better on mobile. 
      Note: the time format is now tailored to each user's locale. Those using English (United-States) might display AM/PM rather than military time. Detailed information about the date change is available in the D4H™ knowledge base.
    • When enabled in the settings, all the time fields now show the seconds , rather than a limited number of fields.
    • All bundle fields now provide a drop-down list of existing bundles to facilitate grouping, or addition of a new bundle. They are auto-filtered (typing in the field will filter suggestions provided).
  • Multiple performance enhancements to provide a snappier experience.
  • Various small bug fixes & interface corrections.

v8.3.5 (14th June 2016)

  • Minor post-release bug fixes.
  • Equipment -> Print Inventory PDF now has grouping by category within each location.