30th November 2015

New Feature:
Movement report emailers.
You can now configure movement reports to be emailed daily, weekly, monthly. This will be added to all report types in the future.

New Feature: Organization Groups
Groups have been added to organisation so you can manage and organisation your group types for all teams from within an organisation account.

New Feature: Organization Documents
Team Documents can now be viewed at Organization level.

New Feature: Member PDF Export
You can now print a full member's profile in PDF format.

New Feature: Canned Reports in Organization
Annual, Quarterly and Monthly reports now exist in Organization level, a publicly sharable and internal version is created for each report.

New Feature: Shared Calendar
Teams within an Organization can create shared calendar activities, which are activities that are viewable by all teams within an organization, useful for sharing training exercise info.

Other Release Notes:

  • API: Create activity API endpoint added, so you can now create incident, exercise and event reports over the Decisions API.
  • Member: New update profile workflow added to improve the experience where many custom fields / bundles are used.
  • Equipment: Shipping report location data improved, will display minimal location hierarchy.
  • Equipment: Shipping reports are now movement reports, and include all equipment movements internally within a location.