Barcodes help you to manage your equipment cache. A barcode is a quick way for a computer to identify visually which item it is looking at. Each barcode represents a string of characters or digits, we then search D4H for a matching value in the Barcode or Ref fields. We search the Ref field as well, because many people use the number on the barcode sticker as their Ref.

Barcode types available to use are Code128, QR or ITF. To change the type:

  • Go to  Settings
  • Select [Equipment Settings] under Equipment
  • Under Settings you can select the barcode type from the drop down (We would recommend using QR codes if you would like to scan with a camera).
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What Hardware Do I Need?

You can buy pre-made barcode or QR stickers codes from, you can buy them to match your Refs or just get random digits on them. Please make sure if you are selecting random that they do not match any of your existing Refs e.g. start from a high number such as 5000001, 5000002, 5000003 etc.

You have two options, you can either use the camera on your smartphone and our Equipment Management mobile app, or you can use a USB barcode scanner attached to your laptop/desktop computer.

A USB scanner is recognised by your computer as a keyboard, and it types the barcode wherever the cursor is and presses enter. If you would like to use a USB barcode scanner with our web version on desktop, we recommend the Inateck BCST-52.

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Assigning A Barcode To An Item

If the Ref of the item matches the barcode, you do not need to do anything, it will just work. If the barcode is different to the Ref, you should assign it as follows.

Web App

  • Go to the item of equipment and click [Update Details]
  • Scroll down to the Barcode field and type in the barcode here, or put the cursor in the field and scan it with your USB scanner.
  • Click [Save Changes] at the bottom of the screen

Mobile App

  • Open up the item of equipment in the app
  • Click VIEW ITEM
  • Click More Options ⋮
  • Click Associate Barcode
  • This opens up the camera on your mobile device
  • Scan the barcode of the item
  • You will be asked to confirm that you want to associate the barcode you have just scanned with this item of equipment
  • Click Confirm
  • Your item will now be updated with the new barcode