Automatically track the cost of your incidents, training, and exercises as you complete your reports. Ensure you understand the full costs of your activities and monitor that you are staying in line with your budgets and plans.

Turning on the Costing Module

Access Level Required: Owner.
In order to set up Costing, the Costing module must be activated.

  • Go to  Settings
  • Under Modules select Costing
  • Turn ON or OFF

Bulk Edit Costing for Members

  • Go to Planning -> Members
  • On the right hand side click [Edit Member Costings]
  • Cost per individual member can also be set Per Hour and Per Activity

Setting up Costing for Individual Members

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

  • Go to  Settings
  • Under Modules select Costing
  • Default Member Cost can be set Per Hour and Per Activity
  • This is also where you can set the costing for meals and mileage for your personnel

Setting up Costing for Equipment

Costing Based on Equipment Item

  • Locate the individual item you wish to associate costing with then click [Update Details]
  • At the bottom of the page, you will be able to enter a value in the Costing fields for per hour and per use
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Costing Based on Equipment Kind

  • Go to  Settings
  • Click the kind you want to apply costing values to
  • Select [Edit] and enter the appropriate costing
  • Costs can be set Per Hour, Per Use and Per Distance

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Note: It is possible to override any of the costings when drafting the activity by entering in a different figure. If no new figure is inputted, the default figure will be saved.