Setting up costing for equipment

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

Note: In order to set up Costing, the Costing Module must be activated by the account owner.

Costing Based On Equipment Item

  1. Locate the individual item you wish to associate costing with then select the [Update Details] icon
  2. At the bottom of the Update Details page, enter a value in the Costing field.

Costing Based On Equipment Kind

  1. Select the [Team Settings] option from the dashboard, then select the [Categories & Kinds] icon from the Equipment section.
  2. Select the Kind for which you will be applying Costing.
  3. Select the [Edit] icon then enter the appropriate costing.
Costs can be set Per Hour, Per Use and Per Distance.

Note: It is possible to override any of the costings when drafting the incident/event/exercise by entering in a different figure. If no new figure is inputted, the default figure will be saved.