Bundles are used throughout D4H to help organize your account by 'bundling' things together. They are managed differently, dependant on where you are adding them in the software. 

Custom Field Bundles

When creating bundles in custom fields, the bundle will be the section header on the activity report. Use the same bundle for custom fields that you want to group together.
If you leave the bundle field blank, your custom field will appear under a section called 'Custom Fields'.

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Note the bundles highlighted on an activity report below:

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Tag Bundles

Use bundles to help organize similar tags together. 

 Locations in that bundle
 Basic Training
 Mandatory Training
 Swift Water Dive
 Underwater Search
 Bomb Threat
 Hazmat Evacuation
 Firing Weapon
The bundle will be the title header of your tags when you view them on an activity, the bundles are highlighted in the example below:

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Role Bundles

Bundles will help organize your roles, you can use them to group your roles together. 

 Locations in that bundle
 Duty Officer
 Safety Officer
 Truck 1
 Team Leader

Location Bundles (Equipment Management)

The bundle field allows you to group locations together, see examples listed below. This is useful if you have several storage locations in one area, you can group them under the one 'bundle'. The purpose of the bundle is simply a way to organize your locations. 

 Locations in that bundle
 Radio Tower
 Radio Tower - Banff
 Radio Tower - Revelstoke
 Station 1
 Station 2
 Station 3
 Building A
 Locker Room
 Storage Room A
 Storage Room B 
 Vehicle Bay

Inspection bundles (Equipment Management)

You can add your inspections to a bundle to group inspections together. Note, you can bundle all Vehicle related inspections under a 'Vehicle' bundle for example. 

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Qualification Bundles (Personnel & Training)

The bundle field is to help organise similar qualifications together. Any unbundled qualifications will appear under a header titled 'Others'. 

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Group Bundles (Personnel & Training)

The bundle field is to help organise similar groups together. It makes it easier to view your groups when navigating to this page in D4H. 

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