Inspections allow you to create regular recurring audits, maintenance, and checks on your equipment. Notifications are flagged on your dashboard and alerts emailed to maintenance personnel when an item of equipment is due to be inspected. 

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Creating an Inspection

To create an inspection go to the Inspections tab:

  • Click [Add Inspection]
  • Give your inspection a title such as 'Annual Rope Inspection'
  • You can add your inspection to a bundle to group inspections together. E.g. 'Rescue'
  • Click [Add Inspection] and your new inspection will appear at the bottom of the list
  • You will see the inspection is pausedImage Placeholder
  • Click into the inspection and click [Update Details] to add further details and update the due date

Instructions: Enter step by step instructions on how to conduct the inspection. Each line will be converted into a numbered step to be carried out.

Performed Every: Set the frequency of your inspection based on Days, Months or Years.

Remind Before Due: Set the number of days before the due date a reminder notification should be sent. Select members will receive this notification.

Auto-Out of Service: If the inspection is not completed on time, the applicable equipment will be marked as unserviceable.

Active: Inspections will remain Paused and inactive until set to “Yes”.

Item Kinds: Select the equipment kind or kinds that you wish to include in your inspection.

Located In: Select the location or locations you wish to include in your inspection. 

  • Click [Save Changes] at the bottom of the screen
Note: The first time you look at the inspection you'll see that all the items are due immediately. As the system will not know when the items were last inspected you may need to update this. 
  • To set the correct due dates click on the green tick Image Placeholder next to each item
  • Select the due date from the calendar picker
  • Click [Save Changes]
  • You will need to do this for all items so that the inspection due dates are correct going forward

Completing an inspection

To complete an inspection on an item of equipment:

  • Open up the inspection
  • Select the result of the inspection

Result options

Operational: the inspection has been completed and the item is marked as operational

Out of Service: the inspection has been completed and the item has been marked as non-operational

Monitor item: the inspection was completed but you want to keep an eye on the item by putting it on the monitor list

Repair Required: during the inspection a repair was identified. The repair can be created directly from this screen

Lost: the item was not in its location when you went to inspect it so it has been marked as lost

  • You have the option to leave a comment
  • Select the inspection completion date from the calendar
  •  Click [Save Changes]