Equipment locations help you isolate your equipment cache into specific storage locations. They should be permanent, non-movable locations such as a warehouse or vehicle bay; not gear bags or vehicles.

Permissioned members can filter equipment by location and create printable lists of equipment on a per-site basis.

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Creating a Location

To create a location to store your equipment:

  • Navigate to the Locations tab
  • Click [Add Location]
  • Give your location a title such as Storage Room A / Vehicle Bay / Training Building / Warehouse D
  • The bundle field allows you to group storage areas together, see the examples listed below

 Locations in that bundle
 Warehouse A
 Warehouse B
 Station 1
 Station 2
 Building A
 Locker Room
 Storage Room A
 Storage Room B 
 Vehicle Bay

  • You can add a 'Description' to your equipment, such as notes, requirements, project details, or deployment contact details
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  • Click [Select On Map] if you want to pin the equipment location to the map
  • Click [Save Changes]

Updating a Location

To update an equipment location go to that location:

  • Click [Update Details]
  • You can edit the name, bundle, description and pinned location on the map
  • Click [Save Changes]

Moving items of equipment to their respective location