In the Repairs section, maintenance of equipment items can be identified and actions required documented and assigned to individuals. Repairs will be flagged on the assignee's dashboard and they will receive a notification by email.

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Creating a repair

To add a repair to an item of equipment:

  • Go to the item of equipment
  • Click [Add Repair]
  • Enter the repair that is needed
  • Choose what caused the damage (this may be useful to track across your cache)
  • You can assign the repair to a member of your team
  • Setting 'Out Of Service' to 'Yes' means the item will be marked as out of service until the repair has been completed
  • Click [Create Repair], this allows you to add further details and a due date
  • It is possible to track on which incident/event/exercise the item was damaged by selecting it from the 'Caused on Activity' drop down
  • You can add costing details related to the repair
  • Click [Save Changes] 

Updating a repair

To update a repair navigate to the Repairs tab:

  • Click on the repair
  • Click on [Update Details]
  • Here you can edit the details relating to the repair
  • Click [Save Changes] at the bottom of the screen

Completing a repair

To complete a repair, open it up:

  • Click the Completed buttonImage Placeholder at the top of the screen 
  • If the item was marked as Out Of Service you will be asked if you want to mark it as back in service
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  • A notification will now be sent to the member who created the repair advising them that the repair has been completed
Note: to choose who receives email alerts in the system review Equipment Alerts

Repair History

To track the repair history of a particular item:

  • Go to the item
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on +Show History & Audit
  • Here you will see date and time stamped information as to who created and completed repairs on this item