New personnel can be added to your D4H Incident Management software a number of ways to meet your needs. To add new personnel, first, open the Admin Area then select Personnel from the Collections drop-down menu. 

Remember that newly added personnel will need to be assigned a permission profile and create an account before they can access the software.

To add a new member, navigate to the Admin Area then open the Personnel page from the Collections drop-down menu.

Adding individually:
Select the Add+ icon then enter the appropriate personal details. At this point, you can also assign a permission profile. Once all appropriate details have been entered, select the Save icon at the bottom of the page.

Importing from a .CSV file:
Select the Import icon then navigate to a .CSV file containing your personnel information including name and email. Map the columns to their respective data fields then select Import.

Import through other D4H software Integration:
After enabling D4H Product Integration, select Import icon from the admin panel, then select the D4H icon. Select the members you wish to import then select the Import icon.