Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

Once you have added members to the account you will want to grant some of them access and assign them a permission level.

To grant members access to your account:

  • Go to  Access
  • In the Username column click [Send Invite] for the member you want to grant access
  • Each member must have a valid email address for the system to send the email invite to
  • Select the permission level you wish to grant the member
  • Click [Send Invite]
  • This member will now receive an email invite asking them to create their D4H account
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To change a members permission level:

  • Go to  Access
  • In the Permission column click [change permission]
  • Select the new permission level you wish to grant the member
  • Click [Update Permission]
  • Next time this member logs into their account, the new permission level will be active

Note: You cannot grant an access level higher than your own to another member. You are also unable change your own access level.