Lookup personnel information within one central database with contact details, position, and current status. Profiles will display training levels, qualifications, experience, and attendance. Customize profiles with custom fields to add your own drop-downs and text fields.

In order to invite a new team member to your account, you must first add them as a member.

Inviting New Members To Join D4H

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

To invite members into your account:

  • Go to  Access
  • Click the [+ Add Members] button
  • Add the member's name and their email address and any other relevant details
Note: you may want to change the join date to a year in the past rather than the current year. A member cannot be added to an activity that occurs before their join date. 
  • If you wish to add multiple members at the same time you can simply click [+ Add Another] for each and enter their details
  • Next, click [Import All Members]
  • Now that the member has been added you will need to grant them access
  • If you have the Personnel & Training module, you can also add members by selecting [Members] from the Planning drop-down menu on the navigation toolbar

Note: You cannot grant an access level higher than your own to another member. You are also unable to change your own access level.

Bulk import Members from a spreadsheet

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

You have the ability to bulk-add members by uploading a spreadsheet. Spreadsheet files should be exported to CSV format from your spreadsheet software before upload.

We recommend you use our Bulk-Upload Template. Make sure all your rows match our sample, including date format DD/MM/YYYY. To download the template and to then import the spreadsheet with member details:

  • From the  Access menu click the [+ Add Members] button
  • Click [Upload Spreadsheet]
  • Download the Bulk-Upload Template
  • Once populated, go back to this screen
  • Upload your CSV file
  • You can review the data before importing
  • Once you are happy click [Import All Members]
  • Now that your members have been added you will need to grant them access
Note: If you plan on importing data into custom fields, the custom fields must be created before doing the import. You also need to make sure that the name of the spreadsheet column you are importing data from is an exact match to the name of the custom field. 

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Retiring Members

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

Retiring members allows their data to remain in D4H without having them appear in lists with your active members. For this reason, retiring a member is almost always preferred over deleting. 

To retire a member:

  • Open the member's profile
  • Click [Update Details]
  • Click the Status field on their profile and select Retired
  • Select a retirement reason from the list of options
  • Click Finished to save your changes

Note: Owners can configure retirement reasons under Settings by going to Modules>Members and then selecting to add or edit Retirement Reasons