Tags allow you to track and measure frequency of activity within each of your capabilities and skills. Add tags for each area of competence you wish to track and apply them to relevant activities. We will show you a breakdown of activities by type against each tag.

Adding new tags

  • Go to Intelligence -> Tags
  • Click [Create Tag] on the right-hand side of the page
  • Enter the details and click [Save Changes]
  • You can also create bundles to help organize similar tags together by selecting [Create Bundle]

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Examples of tags and bundles:

 Location Features
 Fire Aid
 Spinal Board
 45mm Hose
 Breathing Apparatus
 Fire Attack
 Scaling Ladder

Viewing tag statistics

  • Go to Intelligence -> Tags
  • Tags are listed alphabetically, and by group if applicable, on this screen
  • You will see the percentage statistics on each activity, and if you click on the tag itself you will see further detail

Note: Statistics are only generated once an activity has been approved. Draft activities will not generate statistics.

Deleting tags

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

  • Go to Intelligence -> Tags
  • Click into the tag you wish to delete then select [Update Details]
  • Click the red delete button in the bottom right hand side of the screen
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  • To delete a bundle, select the [Edit Type] button next to the bundle name
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