Members can write notes on your team whiteboard which appears on the team dashboard and within their mobile app. This whiteboard can be used for important notes to members and will automatically clear after a pre-defined period.

Web App

Adding a note to the Whiteboard

To add a note to the whiteboard:

  • Click [+Add Note] on the dashboard or go to Logistics -> Whiteboard
  • You can select the messages priority, if important is selected the message will appear in red text on the whiteboard
  • Fill in the details and click [Write Note]

Mobile App

  • Click on More Options [Image Placeholder] to access the whiteboard

Image Placeholder Image Placeholder

Turning off the Whiteboard

Access Level Required: Owner

  • Go to Settings and under Modules select Whiteboard
  • Select ON or OFF


Access Level Required: Owner

  • Go to Settings -> Whiteboard
  • Set the Write Notes option to [Only Editors]

  • This will hide the [+ Add Note] button to Members and Member+