Manage your entire training program with a shared team calendar. Compatible iCal feeds for Outlook and Google Calendar are available and it is accessible directly through our smartphone application.

The purpose of the calendar is to display information about upcoming Events and Exercises and indicate the member's attendance statuses at these activities. It also allows the member to click into any of the listed activities, where they can update their attendance if necessary.

Exporting The Calendar

To export a PDF version of the calendar:

  • Go to Planning -> Calendar
  • Select the month of interest (if it is not the one displaying) by inputting the month on the top righthand side of the calendar
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  • On the righthand side of the page under Views you can click on [Agenda] and under Export you can click on [Month View]
Note: The Agenda PDF gives a list of upcoming scheduled Events and Exercises. The Month View PDF displays all of the same information about the month in question that can be seen on the screen.
  • Click whichever PDF is of interest, this will open a web view of the PDF
  • Depending on the web browser being used, there should be an icon somewhere on the page allowing the PDF to be saved/downloaded

Showing More Activities In the dashboard 'Calendar'

Permission Required: Owner

You can expand the 'My Calendar' section on the Dashboard to display more than 5 events/training activities:

  • Go to  Settings -> Main settings
  • Look for Dashboard Calendar and adjust accordingly
  • Click [Save Changes] at the bottom of the page

Selecting a year that isn't on the calendar picker

When you click to select the date on a calendar input, we show 10 years in the future, and 20 years in the past of the selected date.

To pick a year outside these ranges:

  • Pick the latest (or earliest) year
  • Then click again and it'll recenter giving you more years to select from

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