Target communications across multiple channels including SMS, email, and voice calling. Compose messages and target recipients based on their groups, operational capability, qualifications, attendance, membership lists, and availability.

Note: SMS/Voice requires integration with a third party communications provider

Enabling the Communications module

Access Level Required: Owner

  • Click on  Settings on the righthand side of the navigation toolbar
  • Under Modules click on Communications
  • Ensure Module Enabled is switched to [On]
  • At the bottom of the page, click [Save Changes]
  • Once enabled, you can now add a communication provider

Sending a message

  • Go to Logistics and Communications
  • Select the relevant channels (Email, Voice*, or Text Message*) which are listed near the top of the Send Message page. (Voice and Text depend on your provider)
Note: Paid services such as Text Messages and Voice require Editor Level
  • Choose the recipients to whom you would like to send the message
Tip: Recipients can be chosen by group, a type of member (e.g. all operational members), individually or any combination of these. For example, the Hazmat team may be required at an exercise and a non-operational team member who has an administration function may be required to attend and document the exercise.
  • Type your message in the box. If only the email channel is chosen, there will be the option to enter a Subject also.
  • Click [Send Message]
  • A notification will pop up indicating the amount of messages being sent and what channels they are being sent by
Note: If a member's name appears in red, this means the member does not have a valid email address and it must be updated before you can send an email to them.

Sending an email with an attachment

There is no facility to attach files when emailing directly from the communications module. However, there is a method using your own email client.

  • After you have selected your recipients, click [Mailto: Export]
  • This will open your default email client with all the recipient addresses already inserted
  • You can then attach files as you normally would in your email

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Making sent messages private

  • Go to  Settings  -> Communications
  • Set Sent Messages to Private
Note: Setting this back to 'Shared With Team' will share all historical messages too.

Preventing members from sending emails

Access Level Required: Owner

  • Go to  Settings  -> Communications
  • Under Built-In Email set Access to Only Member+(with SMS), Editors, Owners
Note: As Built-In email is the only channel available to Members (and Member+ without SMS), this will disable the entire module for them.