Our custom fields can be added to most entities within the system allowing you to customize their appearance and the data collected in each. Custom field data can be marked as secure or available to all members.

Adding a Custom Field

Access Level Required: Owner.

Custom fields can be added to the following:

  • Members
  • Equipment
  • Person's Involved
  • Incidents
  • Incident Time Stamps
  • Incident Weather
  • Events
  • Exercises
  • Health and Safety Reports

  • Go to  Settings
  • Under Custom Fields and Timestamps click into the area you want to add a custom field to
  • Click [Add Field]
  • Fill in the details
Title: this is the field name that will appear on your form

Bundle: you can add a bundle to group similar custom fields together. This will appear as a section header in your form

Data Type: this is the type of field you want to appear on the form, whether it is a text field or a drop down field. Note, once you have saved the custom field you cannot edit the type. You would need to delete the field and create it again if you want to change the data type. 

Privacy: 'Private' means only people with an access level of Member+ and above will be able to see this field. 'Shared with Team' means everyone will see this field. 

Searchable: checking this will allow you to search for this field in the search box in your account

Required: this makes the field mandatory and you will not be able to approve an incident if you have not completed the field 

Hint Text: you can include hints to help guide your members when filling in the field
  • Click [Save Changes]
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The custom field added in the example above will now show on the member's profile and as it was marked private when saving the field you can see the field has the  padlock icon next to it:

Image Placeholder

Deleting a Custom Field

Access Level Required: Owner.

  • Go to  Settings
  • Under Custom Fields and Timestamps click into the area where the relevant custom field is contained
  • To the right of the custom field click [Edit]
  • In the pop-up box which appears, click [Delete] at the bottom lefthand side