Groups are used to organize members of your team for communications and other management functions. 

Note: Potential groupings could be dependent on rank, skills or specialty.

You can target communication messages, set attendance, and document qualification expectation by grouping.

Creating a Group

To create a group:

  • Go to [Planning] and select [Groups]
  • Click [Add Group]
  • Fill in the details. The bundle field is to help organise similar groups together
  • You can enter an SMS Shortcode for use in SMS messages and set a required on-call threshold
  • Add your members from the drop down menu
  • Click [Save Group...]

Sending an email to a group

It is possible to send an email to a group, look out for the [Send Message] button.

Set Groups Required On-Call Numbers

To set the threshold of members in each group required to be on call at any time:

  • Select Groups from the Planning drop down menu
  • Open the group you want to set the threshold for
  • Click [Update Details] on the right hand side
  • The required member threshold can be updated by the Required On-Call drop down menu

You will see a notification on the Dashboard as your team’s number of off-call members nears and surpasses the set threshold.