Your personnel can mark themselves on-call and off-call through our mobile app or through the web application. The on-call planner helps you to monitor available resources day-by-day and set required levels of personnel or qualifications to ensure the right complement of skills are always available on-call and ready to respond.

Web App

The default setting in your account will be Off-Call. To change this to on-call:

  • Go to Operations and On-Call Planner
  • Select [Image Placeholder Defaults]
  • Change the Default Status to On-Call
  • Click [Save Changes] at the bottom of the page

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Updating your on/off call period

There are two ways to update your on/off call period in the web application:

  • Select the [+Add On-Call] or [+Add Off-Call] button from the dashboard. The button will depend on what default is set in your teams account
  • From here you can fill in the date, duration, repetition and further details of your on / off call period
  • Select yourself from the Personnel drop down menu
  • Click [Save Changes]
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  • Go to Operations -> On-Call Planner
  • Select the [Add On-Call] or [Add Off-Call] button and follow the steps above

Viewing my on/off-call periods

  • Go to Planning -> Calendar
  • Your on-call periods are shown in green and your off-call periods are shown in red
  • Click into them to see the detail

Mobile App

  • Click the 🔀 button which brings you to the availability screen where you can update your on/off call period
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Editing an off-call period

To edit or delete your on/off call:

  • Go to the On-Call Planner
  • Locate the period you wish to delete and click [Edit]
  • From here you can edit the date/time of your on/off call period
  • If you wish to delete it, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red Delete button.
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Setting the number of members required on-call

The threshold of members required to be on call at any time can be set from the On-Call Planner:

  • Select On Call Planner from the Operations drop down menu
  • Click [ Defaults] on the right hand side
  • Update the required member threshold in the Required drop down menu at the top of the page

You will see a notification on the Dashboard as your team’s number of off-call members nears and surpasses the set threshold.