Make the administration of qualifications and training records easy. Customizable pro-active email alerts will notify both the training officer and the individual that qualifications are soon to expire. Set required and preferred expectations based on group membership to identify training needs.

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

Adding a Qualification

Note: Members can not add their own qualifications.
  • Select Qualifications from the Planning drop-down menu
  • Click [+ Add Qualification]
  • Input the relevant details. The bundle field is to help organise similar qualifications together
  • Click [Save Changes]
  • Now you can click on [Qualify Members] to apply the qualification to the relevant members
  • Select the members from the drop down list
  • Click [Save Changes]
  • See also: Uploading Qualification Certificates

Deleting a Qualification

  • Open up the qualification that you wish to delete
  • Click [Update Details]
  • At the bottom of the page there will be a small red Delete button
  • Click this and enter your password that you use to log into the account
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Deleting the Awarding of a Qualification to a Person

If you want to delete the awarding of a qualification to a member:

  • Click on the person's name within the qualification
  • Click [Edit] on the award
  • Click the small red Delete button at the bottom the page and enter your password

Adding an Animal Qualification

  • Select the [K9] tab across the top
  • On the righthand side of the page, click [+ Add Qualification]
  • Input the relevant details
  • On the information page of the qualification, select [Qualify Members] to apply the qualification to the relevant animals
  • The qualifications will now be listed on the animals' profiles, similar to how they are listed for people

Bulk Uploading Qualifications

You have the ability to bulk upload qualifications. First, you will need to download our Bulk-Upload Template from the Qualifications page:

  • Click into the qualification you wish to update
  • Click [Qualify Members]
  • Click upload spreadsheet
  • Download our Bulk-Upload Template
  • Update the template with the applicable information
  • Once the template has been populated, go back to the qualification you want to update
  • Click [Qualify Members]
  • Click [upload spreadsheet] and select the file or simply drag and drop the file into the box
  • Once the file has uploaded, wait for the page to automatically submit

Tips to ensure your import runs smoothly:

  • Make sure you save the Bulk-Upload Template file as a .CSV
  • Both Names or Reference Numbers can be used to identify members, however, they need to be exactly as recorded in your team's account. To ensure this, download the 'Current Members' list from the Members page under Planning
  • Leave the expiry date blank if your qualification does not have an expiry date
  • Dates must be in YYYY-MM-DD format