Roles are used to help track positions held by members of your team during activities. Track those roles and responsibilities and produce year-end reports on frequency and currency for each member of personnel in each role.

Creating a role

  • Go to Intelligence -> Image PlaceholderRoles
  • Select [Create New Role] 
  • Fill in the role title
  • Select a bundle from the drop down or add a new bundle and set the costing (if applicable)
  • Click [Add Role]

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Adding a default role to a members profile

Permission Required: Editor

To set a default role for a member: 

  • Go to Planning -> Members
  • Select the member to be updated and click [Update Details]
  • On the General Details tab you will see a drop down list Default Role which will contain all roles created in your account
  • Select a role
  • Click Finished
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Setting up costing for roles

Note: In order to set up Costing, the Costing Module must be activated by the account owner.

To set the default costing for a role:

  • Go to Intelligence -> Roles
  • On the right hand side of the screen click [Edit Role Costings]
  • You are able to set the default role costing per hour and per activity
  • Click [Save Changes]