Uploading documents

Note: Documents and photos can only be uploaded and edited by Owners, Editors and Member+. This includes member's profile photos.

The maximum file size of uploaded documents is 50mb.

To upload a document,

  1. Click into [Intelligence] on the Dashboard
  2. Then into [Documents]
  3. Click into a folder or create a new folder (See: How do I create a folder?).
  4. Press [+Add document] right-hand side menu.
  5. Options are available to set the privacy of the document (See: How do I upload private documents?)
Documents can also be added directly from many of the other screens.

How do I add a new revision of a document?

If you have a new revision of a document, rather than delete it, and upload it again, press [+Add Revision]. This will allow you to upload the new version, and replace the old one. A comment can be added to discuss the changes.