Upload training materials, manuals, and resources to a shared document repository. Attach photos to training exercises, member's profiles, items of equipment and ensure security by adding permissions to folders. This enables you to access important documents from any location and device.

Note: Documents and photos can only be uploaded and edited by Owners, Editors and Member+. This includes member's profile photos.

The maximum file size of uploaded documents is 50mb.

Uploading Documents

To upload a document:

  • Go to Intelligence -> Documents
  • Click into a folder or create a new folder
  • Click [Add document]
  • Upload the file or simply drag and drop it into the box 
  • You can set the document as 'Shared With Team' or 'Private'
  • Click [Upload Files]

Adding a New Revision of a Document

If you have a new revision for a document, rather than delete it and upload it again:

  • Go to the document and click [Add Revision]
  • This will allow you to upload the new version, and replace the old one
  • You can leave a comment to note the changes made
  • Click [Upload File]

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Deleting a Document

To delete a document: 

  • Go to the relevant document
  • Click [Update Details]
  • Select Delete Document

Creating a Folder

To create a new folder:

  • Go to Intelligence -> Documents
  • Click [Add Folder]
  • You can set the folder as 'Shared With Team' or 'Private'
  • Click [Create Folder]
Note: It is not possible to create sub folders

Deleting a Folder

To delete a folder:

  • Go to Intelligence -> Documents
  • Click into the relevant folder
  • Select [Update Details]
  • Click Delete Folder
Note: Default folders can not be deleted