Linking Items by barcode

Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

In the D4H Decisions Equipment Manager mobile app, a barcode matches an equipment item's ref field.

The scan feature of the barcode app currently will only locate an equipment item that is in D4H™, with the associated ref.

If you want you to link an item by barcode to it's record in D4H™ you have two options:

  • You can update the ref of the equipment item in D4H™ to match that of the actual item's barcode (you could use a barcode scanner app to find out the actual barcode data to for which to update the ref to).
  • You can print a barcode of the equipment item's ref (barcode generator link below) and attach that to the item and use that for scanning purposes.
You might find this useful - a free 'Online Bar Code Generator'