Permission Required: Editor, Member+ with Drafts

When adding or editing an activity, you'll have a tab called "Equipment" on the activity editor wizard. Move to this tab.

There are a number of ways to select items as used:

  • Drag & Drop items from the left side to the right side with your mouse.
  • Place the cursor in the barcode entry box and use an attached barcode scanner to select items automatically.
Once on the right-side you can click to edit the number of hours, items used, or add mileage for each item.

  • Use the filter box on the left to filter the results to quickly find what you need.
  • Change the amount of hours on the right side before you drag & drop to pre-set them for everything.
  • Tick 'Include Contents' to also bulk-add all the contents of the item, e.g. a vehicle where everything was used on the activity.
Once saved, and the activity published, the usage will appear on the items of equipment. Clicking on the times used will open a list of all activities it was used on.