Categories are a broad description of the items of equipment you have in your cache. You will organise your items into what we call Categories and Kinds

Adding a category of equipment

To add a category to your equipment cache:

  • Go to Logistics and click on [Equipment]
  • Go to the Categories tab
  • Click [Add Category]
  • Type in the name of the Category and click [Add Category]
  • Your new Category will be at the bottom of the list

Deleting a Category of equipment

To delete a category of equipment:

  • Open the category you wish to delete
  • Click [Update Details]
  • Click Delete Category
  • Enter the password you use to log into the account
  • Click [Permanently Delete]
Note: you cannot delete a category of equipment if you have active equipment items in it, this is to prevent accidental mass deletion. To delete a category with items in it, you must first delete each item of equipment. There is no bulk delete function for this. 
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Updating a category of equipment

To update a category of equipment:

  • Navigate to the category of equipment that you want to update
  • Click [Update details]
  • Here you are able to edit the name of the category
  • Click [Save Changes]