Kinds should be a singular broad statement describing your items of equipment.

Creating a kind of equipment

To add a kind to your equipment cache, you must first create a Category above it.

  • Go to Logistics and click on [Equipment]
  • Go to the Categories tab and open the category where you wish to add kinds
  • Click [Add Kind]
  • Give the kind a name and choose the type
  • You can add Cost Per Hour and Cost Per Use for Reusable and Disposable Equipment. You can add Cost Per Mile and Cost Per Use for a Vehicle. 

Kinds are broken up into the following three categories:

Reusable Equipment - Choose this for your regular stock equipment that will be reused such as radios, rescue equipment or personal protective equipment. By choosing this type, the system will record the number of times used and the number of hours used which you can report on.

Disposable Supply - Choose this for disposable supplies such as medical supplies, bottled water or batteries.

Vehicle - Choose this for equipment where mileage is tracked. This kind type has specific default data fields for mileage & odometer readings, you can report on this too.

Deleting kinds of equipment

To delete a kind of equipment:

  • Navigate to the kind you wish to delete
  • Click [Update Details]
  • You will be brought to the Team Settings page for Categories & Kinds
Note: you cannot delete a kind of equipment if you have active equipment items in it, this is to prevent accidental mass deletion. To delete a kind with items in it, you must first delete each item of equipment. There is no bulk delete function for this. 
  • Once you have deleted all items in the kind you will now be able to delete the kind itself
  • You will see in the example below that the kind 'Base Radio' has 0 items in it, therefore the Delete option is available to choose

Image Placeholder

Updating a kind of equipment

To update a kind of equipment:

  • Navigate to the kind of equipment that you want to update
  • Click [Update details]
  • Here you are able to edit the name, category and kind type
  • Click [Edit Kind]