To bulk move items of equipment to a location, navigate to the Locations tab:

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  • Click [Move Items]
  • If the equipment you want to move does not already have a location set against it, it will be under 'No Location'
  • Expand the 'No Location' section by clicking on the + symbol. Or you can search for an item in the filter box if you know the reference
  • Simply drag and drop the items you want to move over to the box on the right hand side
  • Click [Move Selected Equipment]
  • In the Destination Location drop down select the location you want to move the equipment to
  • Click [Move]
  • All items will now be moved to their new location

Nesting items of equipment within other items

Moving equipment into another piece of equipment allows for the creation of containers. For example, vehicles can contain equipment or palettes and bags made up of multiple items, allowing you to track and move your equipment effectively.

If your item of equipment is located in a kit or a vehicle compartment or a container, this is what we refer to as nesting items within items

  • Follow the same steps as above
  • Click [Move Selected Equipment]
  • Select the location from the Destination Location drop down e.g. Store Room A
  • Click into the next drop down and select where the item should be located e.g. Tool kit (which is located in Store Room A)
  • Click [Move]

Note: You must have all items created before you can nest items within items. I.e. you must create your item 'Toolkit-1' / 'Toolkit-2' or your item 'DSI-COMPARTMENT-1' where you want to nest your items.