Not only is it important to comply with health and safety legislation, but tracking injuries, property damage, and near-misses in a meaningful manner can actually reduce incidents. We've built an incredibly simple health & safety reporting product into D4H Personnel & Training that helps you prevent a serious accident. 

Getting Started

  1. Set up your team's Categories and Severities from the Team Settings page. 
  2. Update user permissions to reflect the Health & Safety module.
  3. Create a report from the Health and Safety page located under the Intelligence Tab.
* Remember, if your response team is part of an organization, they will need to activate the Health and Safety module for you.

Tips and Tricks

  • Toggle on "On Activity" to link a Health and Safety report to an Event, Exercise or Incident.
  • You can assign Tasks to a Health and Safety report to track corrective actions.
  • Add Custom Fields to your organization's Health and Safety reports
    to track
     specific data. This is done from the Team Settings under "Custom Fields"