Web App

Here you can configure the main preferences for your account.


You can upload an Organization logo to display in the top left hand corner of your Incident Management account. It will also display on your exports. 

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Allowed login attempts after which the user account is locked

Here you can set the number of attempts each user will have to log into their account before being locked out if they have incorrectly inputted their credentials. If this happens, an account Owner will have to go to the member in Collections > Personnel and unblock them. 

Date and time

Timezone Override

You can turn on a setting which allows you to set a different timezone for each channel

Short date format

Choose the format for short dates to display in your account

Long date format

Choose the format for long dates to display in your account

Time Format

Choose the format for time to display in your account

Numbers and Units

Number format

Choose the format for numbers to display in your account

Distance Unit

Choose the unit that distance should be measured in your account

Available Coordinates Formats

Turn on / off the relevant coordinate formats you will use

Default Coordinates Format

Set the default format for coordinates in your account


Enable 'Blank' Play

You can turn on / off the ability to start a blank play (i.e. there will be no data pre-loaded into the channel)

Notify invited personnel

By turning off 'Notify invited personnel', it will default to 'Do not notify invited personnel' when you start a new channel. The ability to notify personnel will still be an option in the drop down. 

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Organization Map View

This is where you will set the map view that will be shown in the channels list page.