Web App

To create a D4H Incident Management account for your personnel you will need to add them into Collections in the Admin Area. This is also where you will assign your personnel a permission profile.

Once you have added your personnel into collections, they will receive an email invitation to the account. They will need to click Create My Account and follow the steps to access it. 

Go to Collections in the Admin Area

  • Open Personnel
  • Click on the orange [Add] button
  • You will need at least a name and an email address to create an account
  • Click the orange button [Create a D4H Incident Management Account]
  • Under Permission Profiles select a profile from the drop down list
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  • Click [Save] at the bottom of the screen
  • Your personnel will now receive an email invitation to access the account

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Importing Personnel from a CSV file

This is the easiest way to import a list of personnel

  • Click on the small drop down arrow beside [Add] and click Image Placeholder Import
  • Select a file, it must be a CSV file
  • You will need to map the columns to their respective data fields

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  • Select [Import]
  • You will need to go into each person's profile and create their Incident Management account and assign them a permission profile

Importing Personnel from your Personnel & Training account

If you already have a D4H Personnel & Training account, you can enable this D4H Products Integration to import your personnel from here.