You can populate a table field with the contents of a status board, task board, personnel or roles. Once configured, all you need to do is hit the refresh button on the table field and it will populate the fields within the table. 

Linking a table field to a module

The module linked to the table must be pre-defined in the Admin Area when designing the form and creating the field. If you do not already have a table field added to one of your templates, you will need to add one in. 

Navigate to the Admin Area in your D4H Incident Management account.

  • Open Templates > select the module that has the table, such as Forms for example
  • Click into the form containing the table field or click on [New form template] to create a new form and add a table field
  • To link the table to a module click More Options [⋮] and select   Link table to module
  • Select the module you wish to link the table to, the table will be populated with data from this module
  • You can add your own fields to the table and map them to fields on the linked module by selecting  <No mapping>
  • Or you can import fields from the linked module by selecting  Import field
Note: Any fields added to the table must match the field type of the field you want to map it to

Import Filter

It is possible to set a filter rule so that only some elements of the linked module are imported.

Using the Import Filter linked to a Taskboard

For example you may want to add a table to your Situation Report that shows all tasks that have not yet started. This would require you to enter the following code into the import filter box on the table field:


This is how it will appear on the table field on your Situation Report in the Admin Area:

Image Placeholder

Note: 'not_started' is taken from the task statuses value on the taskboard. If you have edited these you will need to take the value from your new task statuses. 
Image Placeholder

Using the Import Filter linked to a Status Board

For example you might have a status board for Resource Requests and want to see all open resource requests in a table on your situation report

You would need to take the field name from the 'Status' field that you have added to the status board.

  • Open the relevant status board
  • Find the 'status' field you added to your status board
  • Locate the field name which will always be in lower case
  • Copy the field name, in this case it is open

Image Placeholder

  • Next, go back to your situation template
  • Locate the table field and enter the code below in the import filter box:


This is how it will appear on the table field on your Situation Report in the Admin Area:

Image Placeholder

  • This will add only the resource requests that are open to the table

Populating the table field

To populate the table with data from the linked module:

  • In an open channel navigate to the table
  • Click the  refresh icon and the system will populate the table with contents from the module you have linked it to

Note: Pressing the Image Placeholder refresh icon overwrites the table with the module contents again