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Web App

You can configure the Status field on your Situation Report to list the statuses that you currently use when logging an incident / event.

  • Go to the Admin Area
  • Open Settings > [Channel statuses]
  • Click [New channel status]

Name (Required)

This is the status name that will appear in the drop down field on the SITREP and it will appear in the top panel of the open incident / event.

Unique name (Required)

The unique name is auto-generated.

Setting a Color (Optional)

There are a set number of colours to choose from. The status will display in this colour font on your SITREP.

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Description (Optional)

You can add a brief description about the status. 

Ideas for your Statuses:
  • Alert
  • Level-1 Emergency
  • Level-2 Emergency
  • Training Only

  • EOC Level 1
  • EOC Level 2
  • EOC Level 3
  • EOC Level 4

  • Level 1 Hazmat
  • Level 2 Hazmat
  • Level 3 Hazmat

Mobile App

  • To change the channel status in the mobile app click on [No Status]

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  • Choose the status from your configured statuses and click [Save]
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