Web App

In Updates, you are able to filter the log posts to display only posts relating to a particular status board or an item from that status board. To do this go to Updates in your Incident Management account

  • Click the [filter] icon
  • Select your status board from the drop down menu and click [OK]

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  • All log posts now displayed will relate to the status board you have selected
  • To filter it to an item from your status board, type the name of the item into the search box and click [OK]

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  • Select it from the drop down menu
  • Now all posts displayed will be related to that item

You can also filter the log from the status board directly. To do this go to your status board

  • Click on the log to open the Status Board log
  • You will see all log posts against this status board
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  • To filter the log to an item click into one of the rows
  • The log will display only posts related to that item

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  • Alternatively, if you click directly on the tagged item in the log, it will take you to it and the filtered log