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Item status expressions allow you to specify what color a row within a status board should be based on what status is selected from a drop down field.

To do this go to the Admin Area and follow the steps below:

  • Open up Templates and click edit on the status board you wish to edit
  • If you do not already have a Status field, you will need to add one in now. 
  • In this example the options for statuses are 'No Damage', 'Minor Damage', 'Severe Damage' and 'Destroyed'

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  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ➕ Advanced Options
  • Here you will see Item status expressions
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Note, there are 3 colors to choose from:
Success = Green
Warning = Amber
Danger = Red
  • To set the colors based on the status selection, you must use the field ID/name. I.e. the field name for No Damage is no_damage, the field name for Destroyed is destroyed and so on
  • Note, the field ID for the Status field in this example is status which you can find by clicking on the More Options [⋮] menu on the field in the template in the admin area
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If 'No Damage' is selected I want the status board item to be green, enter the following in Success:


If 'Minor Damage' is selected, I want the item to be amber, enter the following in Warning:


If 'Severe Damage' OR 'Destroyed' is selected, I want the item to be red, enter the following in Danger:

status==='severe_damage' || status==='destroyed'

  • this is what it should look like in your account

  • Click save