Importing Collections into a Channel


Within Incident Management, it is possible to create and store pre-loaded content in collections. Once you have created your collections in the Admin Area, they become available to use within a channel.
It is now possible to configure a status board or task board to always suggest adding items from collections rather than adding a blank item. View this article to see how to set this up. To import data from collections:
    Go to your open channel and go to a module you have pre-loaded with data
    Click on the More Options Menu ⋮ next to the add button
    Select Import
    Check the box next to the items you wish to import from collections
    Click Import
    Once data has been imported from collections, there will be a message displayed saying Already Imported the next time you click on import

Importing Personnel and Roles from Collections

When adding Personnel and Roles to a channel, it will now always suggest from collections when you click the Add button. You will still have the option to Add Blank.
It is now possible to import from collections in the mobile app.
    Click the More Options Menu : and select Import from collections
    Check the box next to the items you wish to import
    Click Import
Last modified 1mo ago