Adding Mass Notification Providers


Follow the below instructions to add a Mass Notification provider to your Incident Management account.
  • Open up the Admin Areaโ€‹
  • Navigate to Settings > Mass Notifications
  • Select the provider you want to add from the drop down


  • Click on Setup Everbridge Integration
  • You will need to enter your Everbridge username and password
  • Click Next> and follow the steps on screen

World Text

Enter your World Text account ID and API key Email Configuration
  • Enter the 'Reply-To' email address and the email 'Sender' name
  • To set a custom 'from' address you must contact [email protected], otherwise leave this field empty
  • Save

Singlewire InformaCast

  • Enter your Token
To obtain a key please refer to the official documentationโ€‹
  • Click Save

Mass Notification Templates

To add a mass notification template open up the Admin Area
  • Go to Settings > Mass Notification Templates
  • Click New template
  • Fill in the details (see example below)
  • Click Save This template will now be available to use when you send a notification from an open channel
Last modified 3mo ago