Creating a New Play


To create a new Play, navigate to the Admin Area in your D4H Incident Management account.
  • Open Plays
  • Click New Play
  • Fill in the details and turn on the modules you want available in that play
  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Name (Required)

The name will appear in the Start menu and will be the event / incident name. Choose a short name that ideally fits on a single line.


Give a brief description as to what the type of event / incident is.
For example, you could have a play called Severe Winter Storm, your description could be one of the following:
  • Severe Weather Response
  • Blizzard, Heavy Snows, Ice Storm

Selecting An Icon (Required)

Select an icon for the play. This icon will be used to represent the play in the Start menu. Press Show more to see more icons, and use keywords to search for the name of an icon.

Channel Status

These are the different statuses or alert levels you can use to categorize an incident. They can be defined in Settings. This is also where you can set the default for alerting users that a channel has been created. Note, this can be overridden when starting a channel.


Here you can specify what modules should be turned on when you start this play. You can also select what data from collections you want available in the different modules.
Here is a list of the modules you can turn on or off within a play and the data you can have available:
  • ​Personnel & Roles: you can select which teams are switched on
  • ​Map annotations: you can select what map layers you want turned on
  • ​Forms: you can choose what forms you want in your play
  • ​Weather: can be turned on or off
  • ​Library: you can add documents to the library from collections
  • ​Status Board: you can select the data you want available from collections
  • ​Task Board: you can choose which task lists you want available
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