Task Boards
Within Incident Management there are Task Boards which contain lists of tasks that get completed through a workflow. You can add as many task lists and tasks to a task board as you need. Behind each task (row) there is a form which can be configured in the Admin Area.
Ideas for your Task Boards:
    Immediate Actions
    Critical Services
    Rescue Checklist
    Initial Response Tasklist
    EOC Tasks
    Search Assignments
    Security Tasks

Task Board Templates

Each task board has a Template which outlines the layout of the form behind each task, and which columns should display on the list view of tasks.

Task Board Collections

Collections are used to pre-load data into a task board. For example you might have a task board of 'Checklists' and you could enter all the initial response tasks into the collections in advance. They are then available pre-loaded to be available to import during an actual incident.

Using Task Boards

When you come to use a Task Board during an event or incident you should first add it to your channel, or start your channel with a Play that includes it.
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