Creating a new Task Board


To create a new Task Board go to the Admin Area in your Incident Management account. Follow the steps below:
  • Open Templates
  • Open Tasks
  • Click on New Task Template
  • Fill in the details
  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Selecting An Icon (Required)

Select an icon for the board. This icon will be used to represent the board in the menu and when Tagged in the Log. Press Show more to see more icons, and use keywords to search for the name of an icon.

Name (Required)

The app name will appear in the navigation menu and throughout the software. Choose a short name that ideally fits on a single line.
Names should be unique and clear. Ideally it would be a name that encompasses the task lists and tasks such as "Immediate Actions", "Security Tasks", "Search Assignments", and "Requests".

Unique Name (Required)

The unique name is auto-generated. The unique name is used later to create relationships between modules and reference this module in custom expressions.

Tasks Statuses

These are the different statuses within your tasks workflow. You can delete the existing statuses and add in your own custom statuses.
  • Closed / Open
  • Not Started / Not Applicable / In Progress / Complete

Default Status

You can set a default status from the statuses above. You may want to set the default to 'Not Started' if you choose to keep this status.
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