To create and activate a new inspection, navigate to the Inspections tab in the Equipment module then select the [Add Inspection] icon; you will be asked to name your inspection and assign it to a bundle if needed. Next, select the inspection you just created then select the [Update Details] icon. 

- Instructions: Enter step by step instructions on how to conduct the inspection. Each line will be converted into a numbered step to be carried out.

- Performed Every: Set the frequency of your inspection based on Days, Months or Years.

- Remind Before Due: Select members will receive notifications prior to the inspection coming due.

- Auto Unserviceable: If the inspection is not completed on time, the applicable equipment will be marked as unserviceable.

- Active: Inspections will remain Paused and inactive until set to “On”.

- Item Kinds: Select the equipment kind or kinds that you wish to include in your inspection.

- Located In: Select the location or locations you wish to include in your inspection. 

After setting up your inspection, select the [Save Changes] icon at the bottom of the page.