To conduct a bulk upload download our Bulk-Upload Template from the Qualifications page then update it with the applicable information. Both Names or Reference Numbers can be used to identify members however they need to be exactly as recorded in your team's account.

Once the template is populated, navigate to the qualification you wish to update and select the [Qualify Members] icon. From here, select the [Upload Spreadsheet] icon and upload or drag & drop your file onto the page. Once your file has uploaded, wait for the page to automatically submit. 

Tips to ensuring your import runs smoothly:
- Make sure you save the Bulk-Upload Template file as a .CSV
- Names need to be exactly as recorded in your team's account. To ensure this, download the "Current Members" list from the Members page under Planning.
- Leave the expiry date blank if your qualification does not have an expiry date.
- Dates must be in YYYY-MM-DD format