D4H comes with a selection of pre-populated reports however you are able to create your own reports with custom queries.

To create a custom report, open the [Reports] module from the [Intelligence] tab then select [Create New Report]. From the drop down menu select the type of report you wish to create, fill in the applicable information then select [Run Report].

Once a report has been run you can choose to export the information by selecting [Download to Spreadsheet]. You can also save the report for further reference by selecting [Save Custom Report]

- If saving the report, use the relative dates e.g. “Within Last 30 Days” rather than absolute dates “Jan 5th > Feb 4th” for date ranges so every time you ‘re run’ the report, you don't have to update the dates.
- While spreadsheet versions are available on preview, to access the PFD on the report you must first save then re-run the report.