Creating a new Activity (Incident / Exercise / Event)
โ€‹Incidents, Exercises and Events are all called activities within D4H. To create a new activity:
  • From the dashboard select +Add Incident / +Add Exercise / +Add Event
  • Fill out the details and click through the tabs across the top of the activity, clicking on finished at the end
  • Go to Operations -> select either Incidents, Exercises or Events
  • Select the Add Incident, Add Exercise or Add Event button on the right hand side of the screen
  • You can add custom fields to your activity forms to capture further information
  • Statistics from activities are not added to reports until the activity has been approved. Note draft reports are displayed with an asterisk


On the basic tab of an activity you will be entering the main data relating to the activity, such as location, time of activity and a description. Your activities will be assigned a unique reference number, enabling you to easily locate and manage them.
  • Add location bookmarks to quickly and easily set the location on an activity
  • If you have added tags to your account you will be able to select them at the bottom of the basic page

Attendance Type

The attendance type field allows you to specify whether or not you want all team members to be invited to the activity
  • Selecting Full-Team Incident invites all team members to the activity. New team members will automatically be invited to future full-team activities
  • Selective-Team Incident means you can choose who to invite to the activity. You will be able to do this on the Attendance tab
  • To set the default for this field go to
    • Under Modules select Attendance
    • Set your preference under the Defaults section


On the attendance tab you will be able to select who should be added to the activity.


Here you will be able to add the K9 that attended the activity, assuming you have first added the handler in the attendance tab.


On the resources tab you will be able to record what external agencies / teams attended the activity.
  • Adding a resource to an activity:


On the equipment tab you will be able to track equipment usage.

Involved (incidents only)

Here you can record details regarding the persons involved in the incident.

Hazmat (incidents only)

Record hazardous materials data relating to the incident here.

Lost Behavior (incidents only)

Record lost person behavior here in order to export all lost person behavior statistics for submission to the international databases.


Here you can edit the costing for personnel and equipment if you do not want to apply the defaults that may already be set in your account.


Here you can upload relevant documents.


By clicking on the finished tab, your activity will be saved as a draft activity report. Only someone with Editor or Owner permission levels will be able to approve the report.
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