Email Notifications
An Owner or Editor can specify who should receive email notifications for the Weekly Briefing, Qualification Alerts, Equipment Alerts and the Daily Digest. To set up email alerts for yourself or members of your team:
    Click on
    Switch tabs to Manage Email

Weekly Briefing / Qualification Alerts / Daily Digest

    Click into any of the above and simply tick the name of the individuals you want to subscribe to the alerts
    Click Save Changes

Member Email Preferences

A member can choose whether or not to receive these alerts.
    Click on the gear wheel
    Select Email Preferences
    Here you can choose what alerts you receive and when you should receive the Weekly Briefing

Report Email Alerts

You may want to receive report results via email on a regular basis. For example, if you have a custom report 'Property Damage', you might want to see the results of this particular report every week. To set up the email alert, see Reports.
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